Abacus develops custom software products and provides software development services to our clients.

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In business for over 40 years, Abacus is a well-established professional software and systems development company.
Abacus, founded in 1966, provides industry and government with services and experience in software and system design, development, maintenance, quality assurance, and general consulting.
Abacus develops custom software products and provides software development services to our clients.
Abacus Systems Engineering involvement includes advanced systems concept analysis, systems analysis and evaluation, modeling, simulation and trade studies, requirements specification, systems design, system development, risk management, systems test and systems integration.
Abacus leads in the application of proven AI technology to the solution of real-world problems.
Abacus is active in the design and development of major aerospace and avionics systems, including guidance, navigation and control, telemetry, surveillance, displays and controls, and radar systems.
Abacus supports major ground system projects with a variety of capabilities in C4ISR, air defense systems and operations stations.
Abacus provides integrated services to bring the benefits of office automation to the workplace.  Abacus also utilizes a vareity of proprietary and commercial toolsets to develop state-of-the-art eCommerce products and applications for use on the Internet.
Abacus designs and develops net-centric ("Internet-like") systems, relational database systems, and systems software.
The Abacus staff can be used to complement and supplement customer staff on activities at the customer site.   This service proves particularly useful in meeting peak requirements or immediate needs in which special expertise is required.
Abacus is proud to be involved in several major activities of national importance.  Also, we are developing several innovative proprietary products.
At Abacus, we are very concerned with task performance and customer satisfaction.
Many Abacus clients are Fortune 500 companies.
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Abacus develops custom software products and provides software development services to our clients.  In a product development mode, we develop entire systems, subsystems, and system components.  In this mode, we take full responsibility for the product.  In a support mode, we provide members of our technical staff to supplement and enhance our client's staff. Abacus is active in software development for complex systems.

Abacus provides software requirements specifications, implementation, software integration and test, V&V, documentation, and configuration management.  We work with all major platforms and environments including network-centric, web-based (Internet / Intranet), virtual and hardware-specific ones - from mainframes to customized embedded devices.  We specialize in converting and upgrading legacy software.  We stand behind our work products with client technical staff and user training, long-term maintenance, and consulting support.

Among our DoD activities, Abacus has helped develop and test the System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE), the major command and control middleware for the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems (FCS) program.  In our commercial activities we developed eQuerySearch™ (EQS™), an advanced web-based search / information retrieval product which uses custom-made relevancy criteria for search results ranking.

Abacus creates and applies standardized methodologies and metrics.  For many years we have been applying CMM and CMMI standards in support of our large DoD customers to aid their upgrading to SEI levels 3, 4, and 5.  In addition, we have worked with all the major commercial and government standards for DoD, FAA (DO-178B), NASA, MilSpec, etc.

We can help you with:


General development with most platforms
Unix, Windows, Mainframe
and languages
C/C++, Java, Ada, Assembly, etc.

Abacus is active in architectural design and development for complex systems.

Database system applications,
Object-oriented, Data Warehouse, OLAP


OOD - object-oriented development,
C++, Java, UML, .NET, ASP, etc.


Internet / Intranet applications,
Java, CGI, Web-enabling apps, etc.

                                           You can use us to help you with any aspect of software production including:

Management consulting, planning and needs assessment, systems analysis, modeling and simulation, requirements specification, system design, implementation, integration and test, V&V, documentation, training and long-term maintenance and support.

We work with all major platforms and environments including Internet / Intranet, networks, mainframes, workstations, PC's, microcomputers, real-time, and embedded systems.

We are also involved in advanced computer / software system architecture engineering analysis and development, database / information retrieval application development, advanced Internet technology / application development, and Artificial Intelligence.


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