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Systems Engineering and Software Specialists ABACUS PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS The Abacus Internet Search Engine Toolset™ is a collection of proprietary tools consisting of software programs, heuristic algorithms, and technical procedures.

Abacus Internet Search Engine Toolset

What is AISET™?

The Abacus Internet Search Engine Toolset™ (AISET™) is a collection of proprietary tools consisting of software programs, heuristic algorithms, and technical procedures.  This toolset has multiple agent capability and facilitates the implementation of advanced Internet web sites capable of interacting with other web sites as well as with the user.  Specific tools in the AISET™ include the URL Generation Toolset™ (UGT™), the Data Analysis Scanning and Extraction Language™ (DASEL™), the Scanner Test System™ (STS™), the Heuristic HTML Decoder™ (HHD™), the Relevance Response Analyzer™ (RRA™), and multiple report-generating capabilities including Data Warehouse (DW) and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems.

AISET™ Tool Interaction
AISET™ Tool Interaction

How is AISET™ Useful?

AISET™ can be used to gather and intelligently integrate desired information that is scattered over many diverse websites in many different formats.  Because it gathers this information in parallel, the whole operation can be accomplished in a few seconds.

How Do the AISET™ Capabilities Work Together?

The URL Generation Toolset™ (UGT™) is a set of heuristics and procedures that determine and synthesize appropriate Universal Resource Locators (URLs) for desired target websites.  It accomplishes this goal by decomposing and decoding website URLs to determine their essential and inessential features.  Then, it dynamically synthesizes effective URLs along with agents to invoke them on the Internet.  As a result, multiple targeted websites can be searched in parallel for desired data.  Upon retrieval of these data from the targeted websites, the Heuristic HTML Decoder™ (HHD™) analyzes the returned Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) according to instructions provided by the application developers, and then extracts application-relevant information.  These analysis instructions are written in the high-level Data Analysis Scanning and Extraction Language™ (DASEL™).  Features of this script language include forward and reverse navigation, text matching, post-processing and data cleanup tools, conditional searching, user-defined rejection criteria, data type formatting, search site multi-attribute relevancy analysis, arithmetic functions, and scanning sub-blocks.  Extracted text is then subjected to the Relevance Response Analyzer™ (RRA™), a set of algorithms that analyze the HTML returns and compare them with the user′s query.  A multi-attribute analysis generates metrics that provide relevancy scores used to sort the returns for the user.

Because the web environment is quite dynamic (i.e., websites are being upgraded and changed all the time), HTML scanners and submitted URLs require constant maintenance and refinement.  To deal with this, the Abacus Scanner Test System™ (STS™) is a test platform that enables users to simulate the web environment and interpret scanner specifications.  It also provides debugging help such as audit trails, error logs, parse trees, etc. This insures that the production system can be quickly repaired and/or upgraded in the dynamically changing web environment.

To provide data manipulation and administrative reporting capabilities to supplement the components and products described above, AISET™ contains state-of-the-art techniques in Data Warehousing and OLAP.  The Data Warehouse (DW) technology allows information to be kept over long periods of time. Reports are produced detailing past web usage trends and future predictions.  Information in the Data Warehouse is then summarized and saved in the On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) multi-dimensional database.  Users can view summarized web data from different perspectives and gain access to data manipulation features such as slice and dice, drill-down, 3-D graphical displays, etc.

An Example AISET™ Application: eQuerySearch™

eQuerySearch™ (EQS™)is an Abacus-developed website that uses the Abacus Internet Search Engine Toolset™ (AISET™) to search the Internet and retrieve relevant information based on the user′s query or request.  The site consists of seven major applications: eQuerySearch™ general search, stock quotes, financial rates, property sales, homes for sale, sports results, and driving directions.  In each of these applications, the AISET™ tools have been used to (a) identify appropriate websites containing relevant desired data; (b) generate effective URLs to be invoked in parallel to retrieve and gather the desired data; (c) decode, analyze, and integrate the desired data; (d) intelligently process the data to meet the user′s objectives; and (e) appropriately display the results to the user.

Once again, each of the above application areas was developed and implemented using the Abacus Internet Search Engine Toolset™ (AISET™).  The URL Generation Toolset™ (UGT™) is used to generate and submit the desired URLs.  The resulting retrieved HTML is analyzed using the Heuristic HTML Decoder™ (HHD™).  The scanning specifications are coded in the Data Analysis Scanning and Extraction Language™ (DASEL™) and maintained using the Scanner Test System™ (STS™).  Finally, the Relevance Response Analyzer™ (RRA™) filters the responses and displays the most relevant results to the user.

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